TECTA™ Rapid Automated Microbial Detection

TECTA™ B16 Rapid,Automated Microbial Detection
TECTA™ is an automated microbiological platform that uses patented Polymer Partition technology to rapidly and reliably detect E. coli, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms and Enterococci contamination. Available for testing 4 or 16 samples, this platform is simple, sensitive and flexible, allowing for testing of samples at any time of the day. TECTA™ will automatically transmit data allowing for immediate notification on electronic devices, such as mobile phones or laptops, as soon as a contamination event is detected.

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Featured TECTA models

TECTA™ B16 Automated Microbiology Detection System

TECTA™ B16 is a complete, self-contained automated microbiology testing system capable of providing laboratory-grade results on-site with unprecedented time-to-result performance. The TECTA B16 has a capacity of up to 16 simultaneous tests for presence/absence with optional quantitative reporting in CFU per 100ml on positive results. Full automation of the test analysis and interpretation processes eliminates the need for subjective, visual interpretation of results. An objective, written test report is produced for each sample tested. Extreme ease-of-use means that even non-technical personnel can initiate testing and perform all required quality assurance procedures to ensure laboratory-grade test results.

TECTA™ B4 Automated Microbiology Detection System

All the TECTA™ benefits in a smaller more portable unit,
lab-equivalent microbiology testing has never been this easy and accurate.

The TECTA™ B4 has all the features and benefits of the larger TECTA™ B16 but with only four testing compartments, giving it a much smaller footprint. Similar to the B16, the TECTA™ B4 is a complete, self-contained automated microbiology testing system capable of providing laboratory-grade results on-site with unprecedented time-to-result performance. The cost-effective B4 is ideal for situations where multiple locations need stand-alone units or when testing requires the unit be transported to various external sites. In the lab, the unit has a much smaller footprint freeing up desk space while still performing the same high standard of testing as the larger model.


How it works

Tecta is a self-contained ‘lab in a box’ device that houses four (TECTA™ model B4) or sixteen (TECTA™ model B16) incubation chambers. It uses a directed enzyme-substrate method combined with a patented Polymer Partition technology that extracts hydrophobic fluorescent product from water. The built in spectrometer is then able to actively read and interpret test results.

Receive positive results within as little as 2 hours and confirmed negative within 18 hours directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The instrument can be used with just 3 simple steps, add sample, load the cartridge, press start. No microbiology degree is required!


Benefits of automated detection

  • 2 - 18 hour detection with automated email alerting capability
  • On-site analysis means zero transport costs and delays
  • Simple to use and no sample prep. Designed for those without microbiology experience to operate
  • Eliminates risk – does not put staff in a position of interpreting subjective results
  • No “call-outs” on evenings / weekends for staff to interpret and convey test results
  • The traceable test report is date & time stamped for GLP purposes and can be e-mailed
  • High turbidity does not affect the test

Customer applications

  • Source water – gain early raw water intelligence
  • Finished water – avoid the wait for costly lab results & get alerts 24/7
  • Broken pipes – get an all clear for the maintenance crew sooner
  • Remote communities – obtain reliable & cost efficient data for remote networks
  • Recreational waters – provide assurance for bathers in pools, beaches, reservoirs
  • Customer complaints – provide rapid responses for public confidence
  • Military and disaster relief – obtain rapid and reliable data on the ground

Item Code Description Unit
ENDTECTAB16AV2-230 TECTA B16 V2 Automated microbiology detection Each
ENDTECTAB4-230 TECTA B4 Automated microbiology detection Each
ENDTECTA-CCA-48 TECTAlert CCA test cartridges for Total Coliforms + E.coli 48/pack
ENDTECTA-ECA-48 TECTAlert ECA test cartridges for E.coli (only) 48/pack
ENDTECTA-FCA-48 TECTAlert FCA test cartridges for Faecal Coliforms 48/pack
ENDTECTA-ENA-48 TECTAlert ENA test cartridges for Enterococci 48/pack

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TECTA PDS B16 System PUB Singapore mobile lab featuring the Tecta-B16



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