Histology Equipment Supplies

Histology Equipment & Supplies

Histology products and services from gross dissection to slide staining and coverslipping. Manage your histology laboratory effectively, efficiently and economically.



High-throughput automatic glass coverslippers that provide the best optics for microscopes and image analysis systems. Integrates with almost all stainers in the market. Minimise xylene exposure with a built-in activated charcoal filter. Offers the speed and accuracy to complete the coverslipping workload for the busiest of laboratories ...More

Coverslipper Accessories

Thermo Scientific Accessories are for the Clearvue Coverslipper. A wide variety of accessories to complement the Clearvue Coverslipper ...More


Cryostats and accessories for high sample volumes and extreme versatility. Best-in-class ergonomics, unmatched precision and reliability, as well as leading-edge safety features ...More

Cryostat Accessories

A variety of cryostat accessories including carriers, filters, blocks, clamps, blade holders and heat extractors. Enhance and extend the capability of your microtomy equipment ...More

Embedding Cassettes & Molds

Suitable for holding and identifying tissue samples in processing, embedding and sectioning procedures. The highest quality of reliable performance at a competitive price ...More

Embedding Stations

A wide variety of paraffin embedding stations for your histology solutions. Safety driven, cost-effective and easy to use ...More

Microscope Slides & Specialty Glass

Recognised as the world leading manufacturer of slides and specialty glass, only Thermo Scientific* provides Swiss water-white glass substrate in an unmatched product breadth designed for your applications. Our trusted Superfrost and Superfrost Plus product brands are the most widely used glass slides in more labs around the world ...More


Microtomes, blades and knives, and accessories. Excellent for routine wax sections and specialised resin work ...Download brochure

Microtome Accessories

A variety of microtome accessories including vices and clamps, carriers, lubricating oils and jellies, heads and adaptors and others. Enhance and extend the capability of your microtomy equipment ...More

Specimen Labeling Products

Slide labelers, specimen verification systems and accessories, cassette labels. Eliminate specimen mix-ups and ensure result integrity ...More

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