TECTA B16 Factory Inventory Clearance Sale

TECTA B16 Factory Inventory Clearance Sale Purchase a TECTA™ B16 Automated Microbiology Analyser and four (4) boxes of E.coli/Total coliform, Rapid E.coli or Faecal
coliform test cartridges for a package price of $27,270.00, a saving of over $6,000.

When the health of many is at stake, time is precious and you need answers fast! The TECTA™ B16 Automated
Microbiology Testing System provides rapid and accurate E.coli, Total coliform or Faecal coliform results in
2 to 18 hours.

With integrated networking capabilities, the TECTA™ B16 will provide immediate notification
and early warning of positive sample results as soon as they occur. Results can be forwarded
to any device including computers, tablets and smart phones.

  • 2 - 18 hour detection with alerting capability (email notification) – increased protection of public health / reduced risk
  • On-site analysis capability means zero transport, zero prep, test on sample day with no delay or interruption
  • Low operating complexity due to automated technology
  • No tedious sample dilutions required to obtain quant result from 1 to 108 CFU/100mL
  • Less chance of cross-contamination or human error during transport or in sample handling (sample preparation, dilutions, etc.)
  • Objective, test report filed or e-mailed for all samples
  • No “call-ins” on evenings / weekends to read test results, receive email immediately upon completion of test sequence - eliminate overtime pay!
  • No human analysis – does not put operators in position of “interpreting their own test results”.
  • High turbidity does not affect the test

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  Item Code Description Unit Price ($)
  ENDTECTA-B16-NOV17-PROMO TECTA™-B16 automated microbilogy Detection system (click for more info) 1 24,550.00
  ENDTECTA-CCA-NOV17-PROMO TECTAlert CCA test cartridges for combined E.coli & Total Coliform test (click for more info) 1 pk 680.00
  ENDTECTA-ECA-NOV17-PROMO TECTAlert ECA test cartridges for Rapid E.coli test (click for more info) 1 pk 680.00
  ENDTECTA-FCA-NOV17-PROMO TECTAlert FCA test cartridges for Faecal Coliform test (click for more info) 1 pk 680.00
Terms & Conditions
NOTE: Prices quoted are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).15% GST is payable on all items above, including freight. Cost of freight ex Thermo Fisher Scientific warehouse is $15.00.
Due to incubation temperature difference, the Tecta CCA E.coli/Total Coliform cartridges (35.5 °C) cannot be tested concurrently with the Tecta FCA Faecal Coliform cartridges (44.5 °C); the Tecta ECA Rapid E.coli cartridges (41.5° C) can be tested with either CCA or FCA cartridge.

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