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Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of HPLC, Optima, LC/MS and UV Spectrophotometric grade solvents, standards, reagents and concentrates from Thermo Fisher Dionex, Fisher Chemical and Ajax, all carefully packed for thorough protection.

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Chromatography Standards, Reagents, and Eluent Concentrates

To simplify your workflow, Thermo Scientific Dionex has developed all the reagents and standards you need, including anion and cation standards, eluent concentrates, and AutoRegen concentrates. Thermo Scientific Dionex offers high-purity chemicals and standards for transition metal analysis, including ultrapure chelation chromatography reagents for trace and ultratrace transition and lanthanide metal analysis ...More

HPLC Grade & Optima Universal Grade

HPLC solvents are manufactured especially for use with HPLC instruments, meet ACS specifications and are submicron filtered.  Optima grade solvents are of extremely high purity, are analysed for 65 metals with impurity levels measured in ppt, and solvent impurity levels measured in ppm.  These solvents have the actual lot analysis on the label, are supplied in specially cleaned bottles and blanketed with inert gas to maintain purity.  Certificates of Analysis are available on request.

LC/MS and UV Spectroscopy Grade

Optima LC/MS solvents are manufactured and tested soecifically to meet the stringent purity requirements of advanced LC/MS systems. Optima LC/MS solvents feature lower contamination from plasticizer peaks, exceptionally low metal ion content, fewer background peaks, higher signal intensity and low LC/UV response.

Pesticide Residue Analysis Grade

Pesticide Grade Solvents are usedfor analysis of pesticide residue and in GC with electron capture detector. These solvents meet or exceed ACS standards of purity for Pesticide Residue analysis and have the actual lot analysis on label.


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