Organic Chemicals and Drug Discovery Products

Organic Chemicals and Drug Discovery Products

Fine chemicals in prepack and semi-bulk quantities, offering more than 35,000 chemicals to research, industrial and pharmaceutical customers, from Acros Organics and Maybridge.


Preparation, Purification and Analysis

Basics such as acids, bases, inorganic salts and chromatography products for daily use ...Download brochure

Biochemicals and Reagents

Organic compounds for use in biology and/or Biochemistry applications ...Download brochure

Alfa Aesar Organic & Inorganic Laboratory Chemicals

Inorganics, Organic and Organonetallic Compounds, Pure Metals & Elements, Precious Metal Compounds & Catalysts, Biochemicals, Fuel Cell Products, Nanomaterials, Rare Earths, Analytical Products, Laboratory Equipment and AA/ICP Standards ...More

Building Blocks

Building blocks for synthetic organic chemistry as well as over 5,000 pharmacophorically relevant building blocks for drug discovery ...More

Functional Reagents

Reagents for functional group transformation ...Download brochure

Screening Library

A highly diverse set of over 55,000 compounds with either hit-like or lead-like properties ...More

Customer Weighing

Building blocks and screening compounds weighed to customers' specific requirements in a wide variety of formats ...More

Custom Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry Service

Custom synthesis of building blocks and small to medium screening library design and synthesis ...More

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