High Content Screening & Analysis

High Content Screening & Analysis

Automated imaging instrumentation, image analysis software, High Content Informatics, reagent kits, and screening assays and cell lines. Fully integrated solutions to improve the quality and productivity of cell-based assays for researchers in drug discovery and systems biology.


Antibody and Dye Based Assays

Fixed end-point assays based on immunofluorescence detection in cells grown on standard high-density microplates ...More

Cellular Imaging Analysis Software

The largest portfolio of out-of-the-box image analysis software for HCS ...More

Cellular Imaging Instrument Modules

Live cell, brightfield and liquid handling cellular imaging instrumentation modules ...More

Cellular Imaging Instrument Accessories

Objective lenses, slideport slide inserts, optical performance monitoring kits and conversion packs ...More

Cellular Imaging Instrumentation

Modular high content screening instruments designed for high-capacity automated fluorescence imaging and quantitative analysis of fixed and live cells ...More

Cellular Informatics Hardware

Modular, multi-mode High Content Screening instruments ...More

Cellular Informatics Software

An open robust, enterprise-level solution for HCS data management, mining and analysis ...More

Reporter Protein Assays

Protein assays to assess yields in whole cell lysates and affinity-column fractions ...More


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